From my earliest memories as a kid with a Kodak, I fell in love with photography. I was fascinated not only by the fact that I could capture a moment in time, but by how I imagined those scenes and objects could be altered to create something entirely new.


Please explore my gallery of current work, view examples of the pieces I've been commissioned to create, and see a few animal companions that I've memorialized. My gallery includes many new pieces of original work, as well as a variety of numbered prints that are all available for purchase.

NOTE: All of the images in both My Artwork and the Fine Art Collection have been watermarked for copyright and ownership protection.

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Over the years we have had the great good fortune to have traveled the world and, in almost every country in which we've visited, found wonderful works of art to fill our home. Now realizing that a home only has so many walls, we have finally decided to part with several pieces that have spent far too long in the shadows.


Art is meant to be seen, and so we hope these treasured pieces will find new walls, in new homes, on which to be celebrated for years to come.