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I am the proud owner of a stunning Kent Harrison Hayes work of art. It is a one-of-a-kind opus, and I deeply appreciate the impact that this work has had on me. An impact, that it is a unique and evocative experience. I don't fully understand the process of his creation, but I am captured and moved by it every time I view it! His use of multiple art forms reveals his true artistic eye and his profound creativity.

Tom Grove
Ivins, UT
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We are the proud owners of TWO of Kent Harrison Hayes’ delightful pieces of artwork. They are perfect compliments to our collection of Southwest, Native American and Art Deco sculptures and paintings. Kent’s sense of detail and his wonderful creativity shine in these collages of images from around the world. I have spent hours looking at the minute details and imagining the source – the old schoolhouse in Grafton, Utah; a Christmas tree (perhaps from Kent’s own home), window grills and archways from faraway India and the middle east; a pot of cactus from the patio. Each discovery creates a connection to the artist, which is so very special. We like artwork that has a story -- and Kent’s pieces certainly have a story to tell.

Susan and Stuart Recknagel
Ivins, UT
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Larry Spitler - FURY
“Fury” captured my eye the first moment that I saw it! The movement in the piece has never ceased to intrigue me. I’m so fortunate that friends gave it to me as a gift and I can see it everyday. I never see the same painting when I look at it. It changes as the light moves across it. It’s one of my favorite pieces of art.

Larry Spitler
Las Vegas, NV
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Carol Ann Stahl, Roger & Marilyn Lorberbaum - SHIELD
When an artist parts with an original work of art, they are doing far more than passing the piece on; they are also giving a part of themselves. That is why it is far more precious than just the price of the sale.

The piece we own, conceived and created by Kent Harrison Hayes, is exactly that. Whenever we look at the Star of David, SHIELD, different images are revealed. In fact, the piece speaks to the three of us in completely different ways.

SHIELD occupies a central area in our home and is unfailingly the one work of art that stops our guests in their tracks. The colors are magnificent and change with the light of day. The piece seems to actually vibrate with color. When our guests stop at the piece, conversation ensues that encompasses a full range of emotion. What a gift!

We feel blessed to be the owners of such a work of art. It is something that will stay in our family and will pass l'dor v’dor...from generation to generation.

Carol Ann Stahl, Roger & Marilyn Lorberbaum
Ivins, UT
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Linda and I had recently moved into our lovely new home in Kayenta. Once we attained the "adding art stage" we had a large space on our entryway wall that begged to be filled. We really didn't have anything that worked, and since this was the focal point of our place, we wanted the art piece to be -for lack of better words- perfect. We asked Kent Harrison Hayes over in hopes of obtaining a more artistic opinion.
During that conversation, Kent learned that we had a collection of mountain images gathered from over 40 years of climbing, and that we would like to have some artwork that depicted that theme. Kent suggested that he could take those images, and overlay them on a canvas background that would tell the story of our worldly adventures.

We agreed to have him put together the piece, MOUNTAINS RISING, and it is nothing less than perfection!. Those who have visited us are -without exception- utterly astonished at the piece, which really looks like an oil painting that is brilliantly simple, yet complex in its multiple overlays, and the colors were made for our location. The work is our pride and joy, and we could not be happier. So happy that we now have another one of his original works over our bed, which we also commissioned, which enhances our home and hearts.

Additionally, we simply adore Kent, and working with him was great fun! Not only did we receive a couple of world-class works of art, we were constantly entertained by Kent as well. Linda and I cannot recommend anyone more.

Tom & Linda Kimbrell
Taos, NM

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