My lifelong love of animals has inspired many of my collages, but it wasn't until recently that I started to create personal collages honoring our family animal companions. Fortunately, because of the wonderful world of the Internet, I'm able to work with clients from around the world.


The photos of the animals in my Beloved Pet Collection, below, were provided to me. I then added fore and backgrounds, recolored, and then over-painted each piece.

For example, the beach and bits of the ocean in SOCHI were provided to me by my client from Santa Barbara, CA, along with a photo of Sochi. I then added the sky and clouds from Antarctica and Ivins, Utah. The flower field in FRIENDS was taken in Ireland and the sky is from Ivins, Utah. In ZOE, the grass is from a variety of fields in and around Atlanta, Georgia.


If you are looking to commission a piece to honor your animal companions, please contact me by email so that we can best determine how to proceed. I love working with the images of these beautiful animals, so I look forward to working with you to best capture the life essence of your beloved pet.