I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah at the tender age of 0. I grew from there... sort of. Let's just say that I grew older. As soon as I could read, I discovered that words are SO much more interesting when composed into script format. So, with (not much) prodding from my sister, I joined my first acting company when I was eleven and never looked back. (Unless instructed to do so by the director.) From plays to musicals (and everything in between), I love to breathe life into those not my own.

Having come from a very artistic family (artists, brainiacs and actors all), my only frustration in life has been my desire to do everything! Besides acting since eleven, I have had the great good fortune of composing scores, and singing the vocals for animated feature films for Nickelodeon. While I continue to compose music for my own projects, I write poetry, short stories and keep plugging away at a book. Since moving back to Utah, I've also discovered a major passion for digital art, which encompasses my long-time love of photography. Examples of my artwork can be found on my (of all things) ARTWORK pages! In the end I'm ALWAYS thinking of something new and interesting in which to get involved. Got any ideas?

Though frustrating to a degree (what to do next...), my wide range of interests have always brought me great joy and, most definitely, I never have time to get bored with life! Thanks, Mom and Dad, for passing on some great genes! (Oh, and the Levi’s were nice, too.)
Kent Harrison Hayes